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Mini Biz
£17.7/monthper month
£59 /month
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£89 /month
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£47.7/monthper month
£159 /month
  • Campaigns
    Cart Abandonment
    Win Back
    Welcome New Customers
    Generate New Subscribers
    Back In Stock
    Product Upsell
    Price Drop Notifications
    Customer Survey
    Product Review
    Email this Product
    Raffle Giveaway
  • Services
    Unlimited Contacts
    AI Copywriting
    Instant Campaigns
    Reporting Dashboard
    Customer CRM
    24/7 Customer Support
    Built-in Compliance
    Optimised Inbox Delivery
    Dynamic Emails
    Dynamic Widgets
    Brand Onboarding

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I expect from Anomate? Is it going to improve our revenue?

    Unlike most platforms, Anomate is a set-and-forget platform that works autonomously with the power of data, machine learning, and AI. Our private release has generated revenue for our clients within the first month of usage. The system automatically sends emails without the need to design them, allowing you to be completely set up in about an hour, without any complications!

  • Do I need any skills to set up Anomate?

    If you can turn your computer on, that’s all the skill you need! Anomate is built specifically to meet the requirements of a non-expert – you and only you can set up a full operation for your e-commerce store within minutes to an hour. From marketing emails, product reviews, surveys, generating subscribers, and so much more, you just can’t get it any better!

  • My shop is relatively new. We don't have much traffic or orders, can Anomate help me?

    While Anomate works better with mature e-commerce shops that have traffic and orders, it is still beneficial to install Anomate on new shops. Among many marketing campaigns, Anomate also offers campaigns focused on attracting new customer acquisition. We highly recommend using Anomate from the get-go!

  • Do I need to pay anything or provide card details at this point?

    Not at all. All we ask is your contact and your shop details. There is absolutely no obligation for you to sign up, but this entitles you to the discount and an earlier limited access when we launch the product.

  • What kind of business can use Anomate?

    Anomate’s platform is designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, supporting shops running on WooCommerce or Shopify only.

  • I can't choose the package at this point; I am confused - what package is discounted?

    The offer is a general discount for all 3 packages. You can choose your package when the product is ready, and you will be entitled to the offer.

  • Do I get a coupon that I can redeem later?

    No coupon is given; we will simply contact you by email and provide you a special link to redeem your discounted plan. If you plan to change your email, please contact us at info@anomate.co so we can switch the email you originally signed up with.